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What We Provide

Pouring years of expertise to supercharge your CV

Our experts resume writers and editors to conduct a thorough review of your career goals, objectives, experience, and skills to compose a comprehensive resume that will get you hired in no time.

Optimized Content

Optimized content to pass through Applicants scanning systems.

Attractive Layouts

Recruiters will be appealed by the attractive layouts

Structured To Perfection

Structured according to profession and geographical region.

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Ghostwriting Services by Genre

Memoir & Autobiography

Work with writers who can develop the moments of your life into a page-turning book.

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Self-Help Books

Share your expertise or life lessons with a powerful book.

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Business Books

Establish yourself as a thought leader or enjoy the ROI that a book can generate for your business.

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Work with an experienced book-writing team that knows how to break out big nonfiction titles.

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Article Writing

Make yourself visible and expand your authority with articles, blog posts, and SEO content.

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Children’s Books

Work with New York Times #1-bestselling children’s book authors to transform your idea into its final form.

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Is your idea the next bestseller?

We’re obsessed with brilliant book ideas. Brilliant ideas in the hands of expert writers and editors lead to incredible results. That’s why we want to learn every detail about a client’s vision for their book before we begin working together.

We can bring our team to you

The Writing Crew Resume Writing Process

We will carefully customize our ghostwriting process to meet your specific needs and publishing goals. The process below describes a typical ghostwriting approach.

Goal-oriented resumes

Each CV is assigned to a professional who converts your goals and qualifications into a powerful and impression creating document.

Impeccable formats

We offer you the expertise of thoroughly experienced resume writers who provide you with easy-to-scan and flawless formats to impress employers through a single document.

Cover letter writing

Holding the power of making great first impressions, our cover letters succinctly convey your abilities, skills, and qualifications making you look like the right fit for the job.

CV editing

Our expert resume creators and editors proofread and edit every section of your CV. We make sure your abilities are well-positioned and clearly stated in your resume.

Resume composition

From covering the tricky points of unemployment gaps and frequent job switches to considering lack of experience and education, our experts have got you covered.

Resume revisions

Our job doesn’t end with resume composition; we offer you with multiple revisions as per the selected package, ensuring you with complete satisfaction.


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First class! Thrilled with my new CV and will certainly be recommending to colleagues, thank you The Writing Crew!

Adam J.

Managing Director

Excellent service, The Writing Crew created an impressive new CV and cover letter which has now helped to secure me a new role, I would happily recommend to any one.

Neil H.


I had the pleasure to work with The Writing Crew from Perfect CV's a few years ago, and I was extremely happy with the level and quality of the service that I am currently in the process of updating my CV with them. Highly recommended website

Harris N.

Marketing & PR Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

A ghostwriter is a writer who gets paid to write for another person, under that specific individual's name. Commonly this kind of ghostwriting or ghostwriters is connected with distributing a book. Yet today ghostwriting is also broadly utilized as a part of advertising, corporate interchanges, online networking, and numerous different enterprises and fields that are delivering more noticeable and more noteworthy measures of written content.

If you are looking for an answer that, how to hire a ghostwriter, we can help you with that!

If you know people who have utilized ghostwriters or ghostwriting services, approach them to recommend potential ghostwriters for your task. Tell them your requirements and desires, which can guide them to an ideal contender for you. This can spare you time, vitality, and even cash.

You can search online freelance sites for ghost writers if you like. Looking through different sites for different ghostwriters and ghostwriting services can guarantee that you get a quality ghostwriter who best fits your particular task.You can even consider making a job posting for one of the ghostwriting services sites. Incorporate data, for example, your necessities and basics and your financial plan.

Our essential concentration is to give you a ghostwriter for hire and ghostwriting services that you can rely on to finish amazing content. There are different things that you need to consider when you hire a ghostwriter.

The cost of contracting a ghostwriter fluctuates enormously relying upon the factors of the project, the capability of the writer, the many-sided quality of the topic, its complexity, and that's just the beginning. When you hire a ghostwriter, you're paying for their experience, skill, ability and time.

Google warns to stay away from companies claiming to guarantee rankings. Any company that says they can is being dishonest, as Google’s algorithm changes frequently.


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